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a musical in two acts

Music, Book, and Lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy

"First you think it,

Then you want it,

Then you dream it,

Then confront it.

You keep at it

'Til you've done it.

You might fear it as you go,

But nothing is impossible..."

~ A Morning in New York, 1974


A Morning in New York, 1974 tells the story that led up to the morning of August 7, 1974 when French wire-walker Philippe Petit performed his high-wire act between the twin towers of the World Trade Center - over 1,300 feet high, without a net - and the lives that were changed as a result.

The show received a staged reading in New York in 2015 and awaits further development.


Musical Numbers

1. Opening/The Art of Balance (I)

2. We Wait (I)

3. My Wire and Me

4. My Wire and Me (Reprise)

5. We Wait (II)

6. American City Song

7. A Little Bit Crazy

8. Kinda Makes You Wonder

9. Another Step

10. W.T.C.A.

11. Simple

12. Nothing is Impossible

13. We Wait (III)

14. Another Step (Reprise)

15. To Forget

16. A Man with a Van (aka The Plan)

17. We Wait (IV)

18. No Why

19. Kinda Makes You Wonder (Reprise)

20. Philippe’s Dream

21. Wait for the Sunrise

22. Look Up!

23. Finally Alone

24. The Art of Balance (II)

Song Selections (Demos)

Featured track: "To Forget"
Performed by Mike Axtell
To Forget
00:00 / 04:16
In "To Forget" Philippe has just been banned from ever visiting the twin towers again, so he tries find a new place to perform his act.
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