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Chance of Rain

Solo for Piano

Composed: 2011

Duraton: 8'40"

Published by 193rd Street Music (ASCAP)

Recording: Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy (piano), 2021


A full recording can heard on the album Piano Love.

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From the composer:

"'Chance of Rain' began as I was lying in bed one day listening to the rain on the roof and wondering how I could translate that sound into a musical piece. I came up with the main theme fairly quickly (a repetitive rhythmic pattern in one hand with the melody jumping around it like raindrops), and the piece flowed from there. It was one of those pieces that seemed to write itself, and I had so much fun going along for the ride.

"Besides 'raindrops,' you'll also here 'thunder,' 'lightening' (as much as one can 'hear' lightening), and the 'sun coming out' at the end. The slower, middle section is a play on the tune 'Rain, Rain, Go Away,' and I imagine it's from the perspective of someone inside watching the storm. In additional to all of these elements, I still wanted to write a piece that was fun to listen to and melodic and could be enjoyed even without knowing the inspiration behind it.

"For pianists, it's a challenging piece to play, but a real showstopper once you get it."

Pianist Erika Dohi performs "Chance of Rain" at New York University, 2011

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