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an immersive musical experience

Created and Directed by Blake McCarty


Hall Pass is an immersive musical set and performed inside a high school, offering a glimpse of the world young people navigate everyday. Audiences choose their own adventure as the experience their trials and triumphs.
Hall Pass features the work of twenty-three composers and playwrights performed by an ensemble of over 60 performers. Every piece is unique in style and content, and address themes that include addiction, transphobia, cyberbullying, and mental illness. However, even the most serious issues are handled with a seriocomic sensibility.

Ms. Lovejoy wrote the music, book and lyrics to the piece "Flyers and Fryers," one such story about a cheerleader secretly struggling with an eating disorder which comes out during practice right before the big game.

Hall Pass is presented by Blindspot Collective, a new performing arts organization based in San Diego which develops artistic programming to illuminate voices, communities, and stories in the blindspot of our society.

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Read more about Hall Pass here and here.



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