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a musical in one act

Music by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy

Book and Lyrics by Donald A. Connolly

Inspired by the short story "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg"

by Mark Twain


Hadleyburg is a small town in the late 19th century which enjoys the reputation of being "incorruptible." Its citizens consider themselves exceptional in their honesty and avoidance of temptation based on the location of their birth alone. However, when the council decides to fire their preacher to save money - such an incorruptible town has no need of a preacher anyway! - the preacher concocts a plan that will reveal the true nature of the citizens of Hadleyburg.

Exploring the idea of American Exceptionalism, hypocrisy, and greed, Hadleyburg is a story that resonates just as much today as it did when it was published over a hundred years ago.

Hell, or Hadleyburg received in virtual reading in 2020 and another in 2021 with members of the Victorian Lyric Opera Company in Rockville, Maryland and is ready to be fully staged.

If you are a producer and/or theater company who is interested in being part of the premier production of Hell, or Hadleyburg, please reach out through the Contact page.


Musical Numbers

1. The Third Thursday Of The Month                  

2. Invocation                                                                         

3. Little White Church on the Hill                          

4. That Would Take a Miracle                                             

5. Bitter Evening                                                                   

6. No One Else Knows                                                         

7. Mr. Almost                                                                        

8. The Third Thursday (Reprise)                                          

9. The Money Song                                                              

10. Saving Goodson                                                             

11. The Money Song (Reprise)                                            

12. Make Way, Make Way                                                  

13. Prayer for Hadleyburg                                                   

14. Pass the Hat                                                                   

15. I’ll Know I Know                                                             

16. Nothin’ A-Body Can Do                                               

17. When the Wheel Comes Full Turn                

18. Finale

Song Selections 

Featured track: "I'll Know I Know"
Performed by Sarah Robinson and David Merrill
I'll Know Render 5
00:00 / 04:01
In "I'll Know I Know" the last "incorruptible" man in Hadleyburg must decide between revealing the truth about himself or preserving his false reputation.


A short film of "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg," by Mark Twain, Hell, or Hadleyburg's source material

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