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a musical in two acts

Music, Book, and Lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy

 "Captures the subtle and complex innuendos of the tragedy that is war in a unique way that resonates with you long after you leave the theater." James A Moad II, award-winning playwright and Air Force veteran

“A phenomenal piece.” Neath Williams, theater producer and Iraq Veteran, Navy 


Home/Front is a semi-autobiographical musical about an idealistic  U.S. Army soldier set on serving his country whose principles are put to the test when he marries an ambitious, young dancer in pursuit of her own dream, amidst the Iraq war and an increasingly divided America.

Home/Front was first produced by the Society of Artistic Veterans Off-Off Broadway at the Gene Frankel Theater and Off-Broadway at the Abingdon Theater Company in 2013 and 2014 and has received numerous performances and readings in New York, including the Veteran Artist Program’s Home Show at Lincoln Center, Poetic Theatre Production's Veterans' Voices at the Wild Project, the Gallery Players' New Reading Series, the New York New Works Festival, and an in-concert performance at Feinstein's/54 Below.

If you are a producer and/or theater company who is interested in licensing Home/Front, please reach out through the Contact page.


Musical Numbers

Song Selections (Demos)

(Click select songs for sheet music)

1a. Prelude

1. Step Right Up (And Join the Army!)

2. Run Away

3. Ready

4. Countdown I

5. The Green, Green Grass

6. Tell Me

7. The F.N.G.

8. Existing

9. If

10. Countdown II

11. Your Soldier Over Here

12. Battle Scars

13. Countdown III

14. Something You Can Do

15. Could Be Worse

16. Driving at Night (I Don’t Wanna Go Home)

17. The Green, Green Grass (Reprise)

18. Glory

19. Act I Finale

20.  Like I Never Left

21.  I Don’t Expect a Miracle

22.  Thank You For Your Service

23.  Reintegration

24.  We Pretend

25.  Step Right Up/Could Be Worse (Reprise)

26.  Don’t Think

27.  Daddy Was a Soldier

28.  How to Forget

Featured track: "Driving at Night (I Don't Wanna Go Home)"
Performed by Rachel Flynn
14_Driving at Night (I Dont Wanna Go Home)
00:00 / 03:11
In "Driving at Night (I Don't Wanna Go Home)" military wife Annabelle finally gets her driver license and first taste of independence.



Rachel Flynn performing "Driving at Night/I Don't Wanna Go Home" at Feinstein's/54 Below

Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy performing "Daddy Was a Soldier" for Poetic Theatre Production's Veterans' Voices

Dustin Sullivan performing "Your Soldier Over Here" at The Duplex in Greenwich Village, New York

Jennifer Rugani performing "Daddy Was a Soldier" at The Duplex in Greenwich Village, New York


Veteran Artist Program Podcast
021: More Than an Accessory -Natalie Lovejoy

Listen to Natalie's interview on the Veteran Artist Program's Podcast with Brian McDonald where she discusses being an Army wife and writer her musical Home/Front (then titled Deployed).

Publish date: Sept 29, 2015

So Say We All's Incoming Podcast

Everything Is A War – Vance Voyles And Natalie Lovejoy

Incoming is a KPBS Explore series that tells true stories from the lives of America's military — told in their own words, straight from their own mouths. Produced by So Say We All, a literary and performing arts nonprofit, Incoming features voices of people from all walks of life associated with the armed forces. This series showcases the raw, honest voices of men and women who have served in every capacity and branch of the military.

“Everything Is A War,” focuses on stories about how serving in a war zone can stick to a person, so deeply that traces of it will magically appear months, years after a service member returns home. And it doesn’t just impact service members, but the friends, lovers, and family of those connected to them.


These two voices to tell stories on that front today. In the second half, Natalie talks about her experiences as a young military spouse, and how she was able to tell her story and connect with others through musical theatre.

Contributors: Vance Voyles, Natalie Lovejoy.

Publish date: August 2018

The anthology of short stories discussed in the podcast is available for purchase here.

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