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Light Seeking Light

Solo for Piano

Composed: 2020

Duration: 3'24"

Published by 193rd Street Music (ASCAP)

Recording: Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy (piano), 2021


A full recording can heard on the album Piano Love.

Light Seeking Light (8.5x11).mus.jpg

"Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile..."


~ William Shakespeare (Love's Labors Lost)

From the composer:

"This piece started with messing around on the piano and stumbling upon the main theme of 16th notes (which opens the piece). At first I wasn't sure what to do with it until it occurred to me to write a polyphonic piece instead of a homophonic one (which is what I mostly write). That did it, and the piece came together from there.

"When it came to the title, I knew I wanted something with the word 'light' in it as that is how the piece struck me. I drew inspiration from the above Shakespeare quote. A polyphonic piece is comprised of multiple interlocking lines - in this case, two - where one seems to 'chase' the other. Therefore, this piece is 'light' (subject a) 'seeking' (chasing) 'light' (subject b).

"Additionally, the original meaning of the phrase - 'light' (the eye) seeking 'light' (truth) - resonated with me, which is why I chose it for the name of my album as well."

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