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a live musical and webseries

Produced by New Musicals Inc.

 "Brilliant. Just breathtaking.”

““The music in this show is outstanding!"

“I want to see it again.”




“Broadway caliber performances.”

“Just go see it.”

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So Proudly We Hailed is a webseries and live show which honors veterans by dramatizing and musicalizing their story in their own words. Honorees are paired with an artistic team comprised of a composer, lyricist, director, and dramaturg to shape their story into a short musical retelling. 

Natalie is the composer/lyricist on two episodes:

"The Jumper" (2023)

Book by Shannon Corbeil

Music and Lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy

Originally Performed by Brooke Moltrum

On joining the United States Air Force, young cadet Shannon Corbeil enrolled in a competitive program called “Freefall” - five unassisted jumps. No static line. No tandem expert strapped onto you. This special musical explores what it's like to take a literal leap into the Unknown.

Review of the performance in the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival:

"But for me, the high point of the two programs was "The Jumper" based on the experiences of Shannon Corbeil, with music and lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy.  Credit for this must go, in no small part, to Brooke Moltrum whose outstanding performance took command of the Broadwater stage and Santa Monica Blvd from Vine to the Pacific Ocean." ~ Ernest Kearney, The

"Still Standing Proud" (2022)

Book by Jennifer Figueroa

Music and Lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy

Originally Performed by Giane Morris Vaughn

This powerful musical confessional tells the true story of a harrowing military sexual trauma by a young enlisted woman assaulted by her superior officers. Frightened about repercussions if she reported the incident, she has kept silence...until now. This 14-minute musical film takes us on her inspiring journey as she battles the military, the aftermath, and herself in a story which must be told.


So Proudly We Hailed is currently available for licensing as a live show. To book, contact New Musicals Inc here.


Musical Numbers

Song Selections (Demos)

"The Jumper"

1. The Unknown

2. Not Like Falling

3. The Unknown (Reprise)

"Still Standing Proud"

1. Go Away

2. Someone Will Listen

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