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Solo for Piano in Three Movements

I - Allegro (4'42")

II - Andante (5'46")

III - Rondo (4'43") "In Pursuit"

Composed: 2010, 2018

Total Duration: 14'22"

Published by 193rd Street Music (ASCAP)

Recording: Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy (piano), 2021

A full recording can heard on the album Piano Love.

Sonata in C Major - Andante (8.5x11).mus-page-001.jpg
Sonata Rondo (8.5x11)-page-001.jpg

From the composer:

"I grew up playing Mozart, Beethoven, Hayden, and Scarlatti sonatas in my piano lessons, and as an adult thought I'd take a crack at writing in this classical form but with contemporary/pop/jazz sensibilities. You'll probably hear hints of Aaron Copeland, Vince Guaraldi, Floyd Cramer, and others.

"Sonata Allegro Form (the 1st movement) is typically in three sections: an exposition (with two subjects), a development (where those two subjects are played with), and a recapitulation (subjects come back, both in the tonic key). The other two movements have more freedom, but the second is usually slower and the third is often a Rondo (one main theme that alternates with different sections). This section is actually one of my favorite pieces I've written!"

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