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"'Talented' doesn't begin to do her justice. In her music and lyrics, she is bold, adventurous, experimental, a firebrand, intensely emotional - and utterly fearless."

David Spencer, composer/lyricist

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Weird Romance

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New Musical
House of Fallen Women
Unfold on TikTok

Eve. Anne Boleyn. Marilyn Monroe. Mary Magdalene. A women accused of witchcraft. A moonshiner. A divorcee...

House of Fallen Women is musical where both historical and anonymous women who have defied the status quo  tell their story - and you can come along as Natalie writes it! The channel features full length music videos of the songs, as well as behind the scenes footage, karaoke tracks, and insights into the process of writing a musical.


You can also follow on YouTube.

"Still Standing Proud"
a musical about military sexual trauma

This powerful musical confessional tells the true story of a harrowing military sexual trauma by a young enlisted woman assaulted by her superior officers. Frightened about repercussions if she reported the incident, she has kept silence...until now. This 14-minute musical film takes us on her inspiring journey as she battles the military, the aftermath, and herself in a story which must be told. With music and lyrics by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy, based on the true story by Jennifer Figueroa; featuring Gianne Morris; directed by Elise Dewsberry. 


For more from the SO PROUDLY WE HAILED series, visit



Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy is an American composer and lyricist of musical theater and piano music whose work has been described as "brilliant," "phenomenal," "sophisticated," "expressive," "deep," "glorious," and "divine" by producers, performers, literary manages, master teachers and peers in the industry.



Ms. Lovejoy's musical theatre work has been performed Off-Broadway, as well as in L.A. and around the country.


As a pianist trained in both classical and popular styles, Ms. Lovejoy solo piano works were written to catch the ear and inspire.


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Natalie is currently in the process of writing a new musical House of Fallen Women, recording a cast album to her musical Hell, or Hadleyburg, and writing a second episode for New Musical Inc's Webseries So Proudly We Hailed.


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